Diko of Miming Stars


Welkom Diko de Miming Stars.

Diko arrived on 15th of october 2019, he is such a sweet boy, gentle, like is half sister Day Break. We are so happy to have him with us.

You will be loved here!

The breeder about Diko:

Hi my name is Diko  de Miming Starts * PT, male

and I was born in Lissabon, Portugal.

DOB: 31 may 2019 I am a NFO D 09 22

15 oktober: My sweet boy ❤️....so happy that he arrived well and happy 😻👍 thank you dear Dorothe...I’m so happy that he is with you...he will be happy 😻😻😻

30 september: Hi Dear Dorothe! Today the babies made 4 months old and i take the weights! y Diko weights 2.830 gr...he is a nice and playfull boy

24 september:

Yes  my  boy is getting more and more beautiful and strong...on 5 aug. his weight is 1,425 gram , and  he has a wonderful blotched that a love so much! On 24 sept his weight is: 2.430 gram, 30 sept 2.830 gra,

My Diko is like all my babies a sweet babie....he has a good caracter...you don’t have to worry about that...he is a sweet boy...you know they are living home with me!

My Diko has the same sweet and soft caracter as Daybreak! He is a lovely sweet and beautiful boy!

I love his blotched....and the way he  love me and he is very playfull boy too!

About is body and weight i think i was always a good weight and a strong body well balanced!

About his head : he has a good facial triangle as a good NFO

His ears are well setted and they are a good ears with linx tufts and well open ate base as you can see in photos

He will be 3 months at 31 August so with rabies vaccination he will be ready to move after 23 September!

My parents are:

GIC S*Utblickens Tappas &  Havana del Grande Lago

Both parents are tested on GSD-IV and PKD-Def n/n and HCM normal

All my cats are free from HCM.

                                                                            my mum with her babies


Daddy: IC S*Utblickens Tappas, needs one pont to become GIC

Foto  father: black tabby



Foto: mum




                                             My sisters and my mum, and the three of us with mum


5 augustus 2019: Dear de Mining Stars, my sister        5 august 2019:    Beauty, my sister

female NFO f 09 22, 9 weeks, 1.346 gr.                         Female, NFO f 03 22, 9 weeks: 1.334 gram


Diko de Miming Stars NFO d0922 9 wks                                                                                              🐾🐾Beauty de Ming Stars: 9 wks




My mum with her babies


                                                                        5 juli 2019                                                                                                      

30 juni 2019

Diko: Parents: IC S*Utblickens Tappas & Havana del Grande Lago

2 augustus: Weight: 8 wks: 1,265 gram


9 weeks / 1,425 gr , NFO D 09 22

12 weeks: 1.930 gram

30 september : 4 months:  2.830 gram


                    16 augustus 2019

       Diko:12 weeks old:   1.930 gram

Remarks on fb over Diko:


Waouh fantastic big boy

Amazing boy

He's amazing, such a beautiful head too

What a cute kitten!

He's sooooo beautiful! 😍😍

He so amazing

ão lindo menino 💕💕💞😘

Lindérrimo mesmo.....

mum and her babies, and mum alone

    felv-fiv test of Tappas: