Cattery van de Desertprins

Mundikat show in Nieuwegein 27-03-2016

klasse 11: 7-10 mnd:

Jurielid: Stephany Serrai

Type: Excellent body, ex. balanced

Head: Exc. shape, ex. triangle

Eyes: Exc.look, ex. fine

Ears: Exc. setting and shape

Coat: Exc. dense, still baby coat

Tail: Exc.

Condition: Exc.

Remarks: Such a beautiful; black prince

Qualification: Ex 1


Mundikat show in Uitgeest d.d. 14-02-2016:

Jurielid: L Selassa

Type: Exc. body, well balanced and boned

Head: Exc. triangle. profile, still developing  and as well the sidelines

Eyes: Alert expression

Ears: Large and well set

Coat: Exc. quality,texture, length, color

Tail: Long

Condition: could be better groomed

Remarks: Sweet temperament

Qualification: Exc. 1