Cattery van de Desertprins

                                                Utta (Fifi)  van de Desert Prins,     moved                                                                                                                   

Ouders zijn: CH. Hopeahannan Tytti Topakka x Mellow Yellow la Peyre *SP, 

Hallo, ik ben het eerst geboren kitten uit deze combinatie. Ik had wel een laag geboorte gewicht: 66 gram!  Maar zoals jullie zien aan de foto’s ben ik flink gegroeid! Van deze combinatie mag ik geen kittens aan fokkers verkopen.

Onze geboorte ging voorspoedig en we zijn op 10 juni geboren,

tussen 19.00-22.00 uur. Ik ben het oudste meisje uit dit nestje.

11 juni 2014: ikke met mijn broertjes en mammie.



Litter U

Kittens are born on:            june 2014

Pedigree kittens:;2:850288&g=4&p=nfo&date=iso&o=ajgrep

inbreeding % :4th generation: 0,0  %;

10 th generation: 2,58 %

Fokker: Breeder: Dorothé van Gorp-Zwiers,

Cattery vd Desert Prins


                                  Daddy: Mellow Yello la Peyre   


Moeder: Mother: CH Hopeahannan Tytti Topakka

Tests Tytti:

Felv / FIV: 18-03-2014: negatief
PKD: 08-06-2010: negatief
HCM: 08-06-2010: negatief
GSD IV: 25-01-2008: negatief

PKD-def: 31-3-2014: Normaal

Bloedgroep: A


Vader: Mellow Yello la Peyre


Letters of the new owner from Utta:

22 oktober: Here, Utta, now called Josephine (Fifi) because Utta is too hard to say in French and my grand-daughters wanted to call her Fifi is doing well and getting on well with everybody including dogs and other cats!!  She seems to have become the new boss in the house!!
She is still eating whatever moves..... or not as the case may be, including a few crumbs of the dog biscuits least she is not difficult to feed!!  She is very affectionate and loves having a cuddle when she feels like it! It is now quite funny because the dogs learned quickly that her claws are extremely thin and long so now if she starts waving a paw, even in paly, he backs down immdiately!!  That does not stop the parties and hide and seek around the house though because she can hide easily and he has to small everywhere to find her and she jumps on him!!!  It is funny to watch but I am so happy that they get on well.  When she does not want to play she climbs some stairs to the attic where I have put a blanket and she cuddles up there for her afternoon nap because he is scared of the stairs and never goes up!  Otherwise she easily sleeps in the lounge in her bed!  And if he comes too close when she is resting she just puts a paw outside of the bed as a warning!  So small but so cleverLove  Cynthia xx

7 oktober: Oh for that I am not worried - she slept a lot the first day back - like me but since then neither of us have slept very much!!! She chose to sleep on my head for the first night and since then has found a different place for each night - everywhere except in the lovely cat bed with roof that she has to sleep in..... she goes in and comes straight back out again!!

6 oktober: Oh she is very good at jumping up doors to try to get the handle!! I have never seen such a young kitten try that! She must be extremely clever and I think that in the long run it might be very difficult to keep her in as today she was trying to scratch through the mosquito net to get out-side!!!

6 oktober: Absolutely, she is fearless about everything!! I thought we might have a quiet week while she learned about the smells and noises in the house but no....... she starts the day at five in the morning leaping around my bedroom and having fun climbing curtains and trying to see if she can squeeze into another impossible place!!! Of course, right now, she is soundly sleeping under the bed on my slippers because I am sorting some clothes out on the bed and she thought I was making too much noise for her afternoon nap!!!!!

4 oktober 2014: I think that Utta I feels very at home........she looks as if she has lived here forever!!!!! 

2 oktober 2014: Thank you so much for your kindness when I came to pick up Utta. She is settling in very well and has just learned to climb my net curtains!!! Here are the photos of her journey to her new home!It was a pleasure to be with you and all your beautiful cats - they are all so friendly!