Cattery van de Desertprins

Jury Reports Jet:

Felikatshow Alkmaar d.d. 15 mei 2011: Jurierapprt van Ietje Rohr.

Type: Ex. built girl, ex. bodyshape.

Head: Ex. profile and chin. Forehead could have more height. Ex. triangle shape.

Eyes: Ex. in expression.

Ears: Ex. set shape and size.

Coat: Ex. texture, ex prepared and presented, ex. glossy backhairs.

Tail: Ex. long.

Condition: Ex.

Remarks: sweet girl.

Qualification: Ex. 2


Felikatshow Schiedam d.d. 20 maart 2011: Jurierapport van Michael Edstrom.

Type: Nice proportions for the age, nice body length, nice substance and muscles.

Head: Triangular, straight profile, straight lines on each side, good chin.

Eyes: nice placement, she tends to hold them a little bit open.

Ears: Well set. could be a bit larger.

Coat: Well presented for show, woolly undercoat, uppercoat slightly soft (of course

she is still a baby)

Tail: Nice length and shape for the body.

Condition in fine condition today!

Remarks: very sweet character!

Qualification: Ex. 2


Mundikat show in Hilversum d.d. 20 februari 2011: Jurierapport van T.Kass.

Type: Ex. type and harmony. Ex. body.

Head: Ex. triangular and straight profile, good chin.

Eyes: ex. size, color, beautifull.

Ears: well set, ex size, small toffs.

Coat: Ex. quality, good length, ex. color.

Tail: quite long, ex. bushy.

Condition: ex. condition,

Remariks: ex. temper.

Qualification: Ex. 1.


Show Results 2011:



Hilversum, 20-2-2011. Keurmeester: T. Kass

Qualification: Ex. 1

Schiedam, 20-3-2011: Keurmeester M. Edstrom

Qualification: Ex. 2

Alkmaar,  15-5-2011: Keurmeester I. Rohr

Qualification: Ex. 2

Boxtel,  10-6-2012: Keurmeester A. Woelm

Qualification: Ex.

Solingen, Germany, 23-6-2012: keurmeester G. Laskowska-Malaga

Qualification: Ex. 2

Solingen, Germany, 24-6-2012: keurmeester L. Camorio

Qualification: Ex. 2