Cattery van de Desertprins

Judges Report Arnhem dd 24-04-2011: Judge: Ina van Berkum:

Type: good size girl, ex. boning.

Head: Ex. triangle @ ex. straight profile. Ex. chin.

Eyes: a bit round.

Ears: Ex. setting , ok size.

Coat: Ex. length and texture.

Condition: Ex. Remarks: lovely, relaxed lady.

Qualification: CACIB


Judges Report from the show in Dinslaken d.d.22-11-2009:

Judge: Judith Zuurveld

Type: Strong muscles, strong boned, long body, high legs, strong paws!

Head: Ex. equilateral but sidelines could be straighter.

Eyes: beautiful alert expression.

Ears: well placed, would like some lynxtip, could be a little larger.

Coat: nice long firm guard hairs, lots of underwool, too open coat.

Tail: tail could be a slightly longer.

Remarks: sweet lady, grumbling but correct.

Qualification: Ex. 2


Judges Report from the show in Genk d.d. 21-12-2008. Judge: A.Kurkowski.

Type: Very harmonius, strong baby girl.

Head: Ex. triangel form, promising profile and top of head.

Eyes: Ex. shape and size, very nice expression.

Ears: Ex. size and shape. Very good setting, well open on the base.

Coat: Ex. baby coat, texture and length. Ex. grooming, nice color.

Tail: ex. long and bushy.

Remarks: sweet temperament.

Classification: Ex. 2

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Class 12: ; Ex. 2: 1x;

Class 11: ex. 1;

Class 9: CAC: 3x; Ex. 2: 2x;

Class 7: CACIB: 2x

CH Brigitte v/d Desert Prins