Cattery van de Desertprins

Nelly van de Desert Prins, foto 2017, foto 4 juni 2017




                                                                oktober 2011:



Yeah it is now official! Mara (Nelly) did it at easter show in Nieuwegein and Thorvin did it last sunday in Ratingen, Germany. They both are now DVM! We are so proud!!!

4 juni 2017:

Back home from a lovely show weekend in Ratingen, Germany. Thinking it would be a relaxed show for me (Milena
) but it turned out a bit more hard working because I stewarded both days as they needed stewards. But as always it was so nice to do and I could steward with a nice judge also

It was a great show again with a lot of catfriends. We had fun and good conversations. Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend and special thanks to Gert for the icecream! It was really what we needed Yesterday because it was so hot!
And thanks to Milanka for the nice pictures from Puccini because as I was stewarding Jan had to go with the cats to the judges so no time for making pictures
Our sweeties did great! Yesterday we only had our crazy nude guy Puccini with us and the judge loved him! So he got his first CAPIB and was nominated and later he won the BIS unanimous! Wow we were suprised and proud! Today we had our sweet Mara and Thorvin with us. Mara got PH and lost nomination to the beautiful MCO Tumble from Diane. Thorvin got his first CAPS and lost nomination to a MCO from Denmark. But....... Thorvin also got the BIV and now he is DVM!!!!! We are so proud!!!
😜 Proud also at our sweeties who where so relaxed!
😻Thanks everybody for a great weekend, congrats to al winners and their owners and see you at next show!