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Welcome on my site. My name is Dorothé van Gorp-Zwiers, and I live in a small town, called Overasselt. I had my first cat in Vienna in 1981. I got her as a present from my parents to keep me company abroad. When we got back to the Netherlands we took 2 cats with us from Saudi-Arabie, one of them died at the age of almost 21 years, the other cat passed away at the age of eight. We named our cattery by the name of our cat, Desert Prins. I hope you enjoy exploring my site, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call or an email.

We are FIFE registered and member of Mundikat since 2007.

We test our cats on HCM/PKD/GESD-IV and of course of Felv-Fiv.

Our cats can leave our house when they are at a minimum of 13 weeks of age. They are fully vaccinated, dewurmed, socialised, get a Mundikat pedigree. For kittens that are going abroad, will have a rabies vaccination, these costs are not included in the selling price. We sold kittens to: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switserland, Portugal and Spain.

Our own Desert Prins, the namegiver of our cattery, he was a tom cat and sadly for us he died in december 2012, at the age of 21 years.

Why I decided to breed forest cats?

They are very sweet and intelligent animals, as you can read on many sites. You get addicted quickly, that's happened to me! The Norwegians have such a strong bone structure, a beautiful coat and a nice long tail. Furthermore they are, as I said, very sweet, like games and want attention. You breed to give others a chance to get to know and to love this beautiful and such a sweet race.

My kittens moved to: Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switserland. The were sold as breeding cats and as pets.

Are you interested in one of my kittens, pls. contact me by mail or by phone. I love to see the new owners 1 or more times, so they can get aquinted with their new pet, this is best for the socialisation of the new kitten.

Take your time to see the different pages, and if you have questions, I will be happy to answer them.

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Litter N: Best in Show in Uitgeest, oktober 2011

GIC Titrans Novikoff : Best in Show, in Tienen, maart 2010

Eindstand Beste Boskat 2009: No 3.

SC Aurelius-Card vd Desert Prins

Eindstand Beste Boskat 2010: No 2.


Foto’s 2011-2012  van verkochte kittens